imageedit_2_7143701024The Yau Lab uses functional neuroimaging, noninvasive brain stimulation, computational modeling, and psychophysics to identify perceptual and neural processing principles that unify our senses and to characterize the complex interactions between the sensory systems.

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Lab News!

August 2019

  • Taek, Jung Hwan, and Jeff’s paper, “EPI distortion correction for concurrent human brain stimulation and imaging at 3T” is accepted for publication in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods!
  • Jing Lin, Jian Chen, and Haley Christel join Yau Lab! Welcome!

July 2019

  • Jeff’s entry awarded 1st prize in Plexon Probe Promotional Contest! Excited to start multi-channel recording experiments!

April 2019

  • Shoaib and Jeff’s paper, “Somatosensory interactions reveal feature-dependent computations”  is accepted for publication in the Journal of Neurophysiology!
  • Sriparna Sen wins “Best Poster in Natural Sciences Division” at the Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium!
  • Snigdha Banda represents Yau Lab at the Indiana University Cognitive Science Program and MUCSC with her poster, “Visuospatial attention modulates motor cortex excitability” and wins “Honorable Mention for Outstanding Poster Presentation”!

March 2019

  • Yau Lab research program expanding into invasive neurophysiology studies in human and animal models! Stay tuned for updates!
  • Lingyan Wang accepted as a Fellow in the 2019 Kavli Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience!
  • Sriparna Sen represents Yau Lab at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual meeting in San Francisco with her poster, “Bimanual perceptual interactions in the frequency domain differ for flutter and vibration cues”!
  • Austin Davids represents Yau Lab at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists with his poster, “A novel method to quantify the haptic perception of slope”!
  • Yau Lab alumna Kira Wegner-Clemens commits to George Washington University Psychology Graduate Program!

November 2018

  • Silvia, Kira, and Jeff’s paper, “Reciprocal interactions between audition and touch in flutter frequency perception” is accepted for publication in Multisensory Research!

October 2018

  • Alex, Ryan, and Jeff’s paper, “Touch engages visual spatial contextual processing” is accepted for publication in Scientific Reports!

September 2018

  • Congratulations to Dr. Lexi Crommett for successfully defending!
  • In collaboration with Santosh Helekar (Methodist), Silvia and Jeff’s paper, “The Strength and Spread of the Electric Field Induced by Transcranial Rotating Permanent Magnet Stimulation in Comparison with Conventional Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” is accepted for publication in Journal of Neuroscience Methods!

August 2018

  • Lexi, Deeksha, and Jeff’s paper, “Multisensory perceptual interactions between higher-order temporal frequency signals” is accepted for publication in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General!
  • Silvia moves on to her new job at ChaiOne. Good luck! We’ll miss you!

April 2018

  • Lingyan passes her qualifying exam! Congrats!
  • Lucy Lai is awarded Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation!
  • Lucy Lai commits to Neuroscience Graduate Program at Harvard University!
  • Yau Lab work summarized in Research Features Magazine (Issue #125)

February 2018

  • Shoaib accepts Summer Internship at Oculus Research!

January 2018

  • Silvia, Shoaib, and Jeff’s paper, “Selective attention gates the crossmodal coupling between perceptual systems” is accepted for publication in Current Biology!

December 2017

  • Liz Halfen joins Yau Lab!
  • Shoaib and Taek awarded graduate student and postdoc poster presentation prizes, respectively, at UTHealth 24th Annual Neuroscience Poster Session!

November 2017

  • Jeff chaired a minisymposium, “Good Vibrations: Genetic, Neural, and Behavioral Links Between Auditory and Tactile Perception” at SfN 2017 in Washington, DC! Lingyan gave a talk at a nanosymposium.

October 2017

September 2017

June 2017

  • Lingyan passed her 1st year qualifying exam!
  • Steffie leaves the lab to take a position as Visiting Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of St. Thomas.
  • Lucy and Shoaib each had conference papers accepted for the inaugural conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (CCN). Lucy was also awarded a student travel grant for CCN. See you in New York City in September!

May 2017

  • The lab goes to IMRF 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee! Silvia, Lexi, and Lucy present posters.
  • Jeff presents a poster at NCM 2017 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Ryan wins William C. Howell Award from the Department of Psychology and School of Social Sciences!
  • Kira and Ryan graduate from Rice and from the Yau Lab. Congratulations!
  • Lingyan joins the lab as a graduate student!

April 2017

  • Dakarai McCoy commits to Neuroscience Graduate Program at the University of Southern California!
  • Swati Pandita commits to Communications Graduate Program at Cornell University!

March 2017

February 2017

  • Lexi wins the Graduate Student talk award at Rush and Helen Record Neuroscience Forum!
  • Taek joins the lab as a post-doc!

January 2017

Prior to 2017

December 2016 | Lexi wins the CAMRI poster award at UTHealth 23rd Annual Neuroscience Poster Session!

November 2016 | The lab goes to SfN 2016 in San Diego, California! Silvia, Lexi, Shoaib, and Lucy present posters.

September 2016

  • Silvia wins the Best Italian doctoral thesis in Experimental Psychology from the Italian Association for Psychology!
  • Jeff receives 3-year Dana Foundation grant as part of the David Mahoney Neuroimaging Program!

August 2016

  • Alex presents poster at ECVP 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Kira and Lucy receive research funding from the Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program!

June 2016

  • Jeff receives R01 award from NINDS (“Supramodal human brain networks for temporal frequency processing”)
  • Dakarai joins the lab as a SMART post-bacc fellow!

December 2015 | Alex awarded 1st place poster presentation (postdoc category) at UTHealth 22nd Annual Neuroscience Poster Session.

April 2015 | Jeff awarded Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship!

August 2014 | Lexi receives a Rice/BCM Neuroengineering IGERT Fellowship!

March 3, 2014 | Yau Lab is born!