Jeff Yau


Dr. Jeffrey Yau received his B.S. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University under Ed Connor and Steven Hsiao and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Neurology Department of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in the lab of John Desmond. Jeff has been an Assistant Professor in the Neuroscience Department at Baylor College of Medicine since March 2014.

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Hyuntaek Oh

unnamedHyuntaek Oh is a postdoctoral associate at Baylor College of Medicine. He obtained his PhD under Dr. Steven Barlow and Dr. Greg Bashford at the University of Nebraska. His primary research interests include multisensory integration, brain electrophysiology, neurorehabilitation and digital signal processing. His current research focuses on the noninvasive brain stimulation (TMS and peumotactile stimulation) and developing concurrent TMS/fMRI method. He likes to watch college basketball games (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk) in his free time.

Lexi Crommett


Lexi is a 6th year Neuroscience graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine. She studies audio tactile perception. Specifically, she is interested in how the brain perceives and processes frequency sweeps, and explores these questions using psychophysical and fMRI. She also helps coordinate the CAMRI seminar series. In her free time she likes to run and play basketball so she can eat more chocolate, which is her main hobby.

Shoaibur Rahman

theshoaibShoaib is a 5th year Neuroscience graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine. He is interested in multisensory interactions in humans. Specifically, he develops and deploys computational models and machine learning algorithms to understand the processing of multi-finger touch in the brain. While not in the lab, he enjoys spending time with traveling and computer coding for fun stuff!

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Lingyan Wang


Lingyan is a 3nd year Neuroscience graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine. She is interested in using fMRI to study how brain networks change in patients and in using virtual reality to understand multisensory integration. In her free time she likes rock climbing and painting.

Liz Halfen

halfenPicLiz is a 5th year Neuroscience graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine. Building upon her experience studying visuospatial attention in humans, she now studies how humans allocate spatial attention to touch over the body. She likes to think about problems facing haptic interface and virtual reality designers and spends a lot of her free time dancing to electronic music.

Adrish Anand

IMG_20160618_113659 (1)Adrish is an undergraduate at Rice University studying Chemistry and Neuroscience. He is interested in using TMS studies to look at multi-sensory interactions. His first project looks at how TRPMS (a form of noninvasive brain stimulation) affects motor cortex excitability. Secondly, he studies how visual and spatial attention affects the motor cortex.

In his free time he loves playing all sports, specifically volleyball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee, videogames, and exploring Houston.

Jennifer Mathew


Jennifer is an undergraduate at the University of Houston studying Psychology. She is interested in the effects of Transcranial Rotating Permanent Magnetic Stimulation on motor cortical excitability. In her free time she likes to read and dance.

Austin Davids

FullSizeRender 2Austin is a masters student in the Orthotics and Prosthetics Program at Baylor College of Medicine. He received his B.A. in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Currently, he is working on a project to quantify the perception of sloped ground by transtibial (below the knee) amputees.

In his free time, he is an avid Carolina fan (2017 NATTY CHAMPS!) and enjoys music and the outdoors.



Yash Wani

yashYash is an undergraduate at Rice University.





Sriparna Sen


Sriparna is a senior at Rice University double majoring in Cognitive Science and Theatre. She is currently working on a project investigating how tactile distractors influence frequency and intensity perception of flutter vibrations. In her free time, she likes to indulge in copious (maybe unhealthy?) amounts of peanut butter, watch any and all things theatre related and then become too emotionally invested in them (live plays, musicals, tv shows, improv, sketch comedy, etc.), pet all dogs that come her way, sing to herself while pretending she is a contestant on American Idol, and chat/joke incessantly with her friends.

Franklin Zhang

ProfileFranklin is an undergraduate at Rice University studying Cognitive Sciences and Statistics. He’s passionate about programming and development, and he is currently working on a preliminary project investigating how, using virtual reality, we can manipulate our vision and sense of body state to skew our perception of the world. His hobbies include keeping up with fashion, collecting sneakers, and dancing.


      Sophia Chang

brainhandSophia is an undergraduate at Rice University.



       Snigdha Banda

brainhandSnigdha is an undergraduate at Rice University.




                                                             Janelle Markovich

brainhandJanelle is a research technician in the Yau Lab.




 Lab Alumni

  • Silvia Convento, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Associate): Now a researcher at ChaiOne
  • Lucy Lai (Undergraduate Research Assistant): Now a graduate student in Neuroscience at Harvard University
  • Akshat Patel (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Steffie Tomson, Ph.D. (Staff Scientist): Now a visiting professor at the University of St. Thomas Department of Biology
  • Swati Pandita (Research Assistant): Now a graduate student in Communications at Cornell University
  • Dakarai McCoy (SMART-PREP Scholar): Now a graduate student in Neuroscience at University of Southern California
  • Ryan Pappal (Undergraduate Research Assistant): Now a medical student at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Kira Wegner-Clemens (Undergraduate Research Assistant): Now a post-bacc researcher in the Beauchamp Lab (BCM).
  • Kelly Barnes, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor)
  • Alexis Perez-Bellido, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Associate): Now a Postdoctoral Fellow at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior
  • Allen Lin (Lab Manager)
  • Richard Branscomb (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Stephanie Chen (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Helen Hoover (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Grace Flink (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Deeksha Madala (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Katharine Pyron (Masters in Orthotics and Prosthetics)
  • Patrick Hing (Masters in Orthotics and Prosthetics)
  • Chandler Shannon (Undergraduate Research Assistant)